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Welcome to SempeCMS main page.
SempeCMS project aims to create a easy to admin, easy to code perl based CMS.

SempeCMS has actually one only thing: the blog. Proyect unix name has been asked to change from epblog to sempecms, meanwhile you may use epblog's page, svn and so to get SempeCMS


You can get SempeCMS (new) source code from SVN by executing:

svn checkout SempeCMS

And old source code by executing:

svn checkout SempeCMS-old

WARNING: The main difference between new and old code is that new code uses mysql database, while old one uses plain-text files

You can also use's file releases

WARNING: File releases may be incomplete/broken or not upgraded, I encourage you to use SVN


Installing, and license instructions are stored in "Readme" and "Copying" files shipped with the source.
You can also read read-me's lastest version here
SempeCMS also uses's wiki

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